Some useful Windows 10 shortcuts for mac converts

Here are some useful Windows 10 shortcuts,

  1. Trackpad three finger tap — Cortana search
  2. Trackpad three finger swipe down — reveal desktop, 3x swipe up to get your windows back
  3. Trackpad three finger swipe up to show task view (all windows & desktops)
  4. Trackpad three-finger left-right, to do alt-tab

More? Ok

  1. WINKEY + Up arrow maximize window
  2. WINKEY +down arrow — minimize window
  3. WINKEY +left/right — snap window to left or right half of the screen
  4. WINKEY +left then up/down — snap to a quadrant
  5. WINKEY +tab — task view
  6. WINKEY +CTRL_D — create new desktop
  7. WINKEY +CTRL_F4 — close current desktop
  8. WINKEY +CTRL left or right — switch between desktops. (Wish this did like mac 4 finger, so I didn’t have to re-teach myself a shortcut).
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