Pro Tip: Use this to watch US Netflix shows in India

While Netflix has seen a chequered launch in India things aren’t as bad as many people have suggested. Multiple reports suggest that 93 per cent of the content that’s available in the US isn’t available in India. Many shows — The House of Cards — being a prime example aren’t available in India as it has been licensed to the Zee for India. This means that the service by default isn’t as appealing as it is for users in the US. Compared to some of the streaming services that are available in India it is also seemingly expensive, but if you plan on watching Netflix primarily on your Windows PC or Mac laptop then it is possible to get access to content that’s available to users in the US without jumping hoops out here in India.

A PC app called Smartflix makes all this possible, which basically uses your Netflix login credentials and logs automatically into the US version of Netflix and suddenly, you’re literally within a sea of content, with seemingly limitless opportunities.

Of course, you will get House of Cards through SmartFlix, but that’s not the end of it. Star Wars isn’t available in the Indian Netflix, but using SmartFlix you will get all the Star Wars movies and you’ll generally find numerous such examples once you start comparing.

Essentially, the app is basically using a US based VPN, but it does it in such a non-intrusive way that you will never imagine that you’re using a VPN. It is also free as a beta, which makes it more attractive. The only thing you’re paying for is for your Netflix subscription.

If you’re going to talk about limitations, then you don’t get a mobile app for Android or iOS and nor do you get features like casting using the Google Chromecast in the case you want to beam content to the big screen. Even user profiles aren’t as user-friendly to use in the case you have multiple different profiles set up.

Other than this, there are a bunch of VPN apps that you can use to login to the US Netflix library but this is by far the simplest and hassle free method. That being true, you should be aware that this app will tap into your credit card information just like Netflix does, so it isn’t entirely safe.