Take the entrepreneurial path for a gratifying future, advises Sahil Peerzada

Confidence or lack of confidence can be a serious issue for people who have always dreamed of starting a business of their own. This quote inspires Sahil Peerzada of focussing on his strengths and not on dwelling over other factors that could make him sluggish. This simply means you should “own who you are,” he said in an interview to a leading business magazine recently.

According to this enterprising and feisty businessman the ability to spot an opportunity and imagine something where others haven’t is a prerequisite to success in a business venture. Many people are satisfied with a couple of successful businesses, but Sahil Peerzada always strives to explore new fields for business opportunities.

Tapping into his immeasurable resources of mental strength, strong will, creative approach and a tendency to never give up, Sahil Peerzada has come a long way. His forays into the real estate sector and oil and gas industry have already put him in the league of top players. His fearless advances have made him an emerging role model and already there are whispers down the corporate corridors that sound more like eulogies.

Sahil Peerzada is indeed man with a vision. His innate aptitude for building new ventures and forging loyalty with governments and external business partners has earned him both goodwill and success in each venture. He is a motivational management style leader with a proven history of building, guiding and retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth of the companies that he runs.

Going into the unknown—and that is exactly what Sahil Peerzada did when he plunged into his business venture—is by definition scary. That fact may be the biggest reason so many do not start anything new. They are literally frozen in place by their fear. The fear of the unknown keeps them from beginning. It’s all about how you approach your fears. Sahil’s endeavour revolved around conquering it and not allowing it to take control of his mind and spirit. Bold decisions, dogged perseverance and a fierce attitude proved too good a rival for fear… Unlike many start-ups, Sahil Peerzada’s business did not vanish without trace. It did not crash and burn.

You can only keep what you have by giving it away. This is a piece of wisdom Sahil incorporated even before he became a runaway success. His natural tendency to give away to charities and underprivileged has contributed a great deal to the upliftment of the downtrodden of our diverse society. He even sponsors girl-child education and takes time out of his busy schedule to build bond with those who have been less fortunate.

Sahil Peerzada’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet deep. “Starting a business is not a twofold affair. You don’t have one shot at it. Remember, when Thomas Alva Edison was asked about the multiple failures in his quest to make a light bulb, he answered something like “I have not failed 700 times. I have found 700 different ways not to make a light bulb.”

So, persistence and a strong belief in one’s self is the key to success, says Sahil.