Pakistan’s Ceasefire Violation: Old Wine in New Bottle

Pakistan has a grudge against India regarding Kashmir. They want Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan, not of India.

Current Pakistani government have political instability and one can assume the country is virtually controlled by ISI. If you look into the history, Pakistan always violates ceasefire when PM of both the countries get to a dialogue.

After Pakistan’s ceasefire violation the most asked question by all Indians is what to do with Pakistan?

First thing here is we need to know why Pakistan is indulging in Proxy war rather than declaring a war. A proxy war is cost effective and requires less number of people. On an average, it takes around a month to train a terrorist. No one in the country cares about the aliveness of a terrorist, but if a soldier dies in a war then the whole country will go against the government. It will cause a huge impact on the ruling party. Let’s take the example of Ajmal Kasab, he is an unknown young man from a village in Pakistan who doesn’t have any future. So people of Pakistan do not care if one Ajmal Kasab dies. He is an unknown young man without a future for them. But if a man of Pakistani army dies then it will come into the media. Everyone will feel sad for him and if the number is more then there will be pressure on the government.

Why is Pakistan not declaring war against India?

Indian military is thrice as big as that of Pakistan. Pakistan knows that if they will go in a war directly with India, it will be a suicidal mission for them. They don’t have the balls to declare war against India because they know the results.

Should India declare a war against Pakistan?

If India declares the war then we could face a huge economic deficit, casualties and use of Nuclear weapon will definitely lead to World War III. But when other options are available then why go for a war, Pakistan is on the verge of economic disintegration, there are other ways to push it. It’s good to play with the mind because “Josh Me Hosh Nhi Khona Chaiye”.

Better watch BORDER and GADAR when you feel battle-thirsty. No one can beat Sunny Deol :)

We should concentrate on our economy so that we can afford defence forces which are so technically superior that they are capable of denuclearizing Pakistan through surgical strikes and have a missile shield which Pakistan cannot penetrate! To achieve this we all must have to earn and earn more. Concentrate on that and wait for the day!