The 16 years old version of me would have crapped his pants if he would have to make this decision. The good GPA guy decided to get off the well-trodden path glorified by the society. The two checkboxes (get good grades, go to decent college) were already ticked off and halfway through checking the third one (get a degree), I quit. I did the thing which was least expected of me. So what happened in-between that influenced my decision. Let’s find out.

I choose to go to college for all the wrong reasons

In high school, I heard stories about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes who started…

Lush grass blooming among rocks

Being an engineering student, your life pretty much becomes mundane especially if you are in a college where exams comes every month. Unless you are a crazy ass stoner you need something to indulge into every weekend to survive the next weekdays. For me travelling works damn well. So there one weekend I put on backpack and jumped on my two-wheeler to explore a new place.

This riverside village named Rasulpur was on the top of my mind since I heard about it from a friend. Actually we were about to go on a road-trip up to there but you…

Sahil Vasava

The one who loves to hike on the road less travelled. It is true metaphorically as much as literally.

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