Self-Motivation! (Part-1)

Sometimes we do many a mistakes in our life and not every time we can categorize a particular mistake comes under RIGHT category or a WRONG one. Its just a matter of action which has definitely equal and opposite reaction. That reaction will definitely come to you before death for sure. Its not only the bad deeds but also the good ones.

You’ll only get a cactus plant if you sow a cactus seed and You will only get a mango tree if you sow a mango seed. Damn! Its seems so simple right? If you tell this thing to kindergarten kid, he would learn it in a minute or less. And we the dumbass people so called MATURED enough cannot master this thing in our whole life. Still matured people are watering dead plants, some are hoping that someday the money plant will grow money from it, and some are just waiting for no reason. Some are letting someone down to satisfy their own ego, and some are just sacrificing their own needs for someone else.

Change your way of thinking. Don’t ask yourself Am I doing it wrong? or Am I doing it right? Instead, ask yourself Am I doing if for wrong? or Am I doing it for right? You will definitely get your answer. and also you will get ur KARMA which will definitely satisfy you.

This was for KARMA games thing but when it comes about you emotional games just ask a simple question to yourself before taking a decision about doing anything. Will I regret doing this? Coz many a times people do many things without asking this question to themselves and end up regretting on their deeds which they had done and end up losing many a things from their life. So if you ask the question before doing things and you get a positive reply from your inner soul then there is a green signal. Go for it. But if you are not convinced or you get a negative response from your inner soul then I advice you to never do anything which your inner soul doesn’t allows you. Coz I bet if you do so, you will end up being guilty. And then you will blame your destiny or if you realize your mistake then you will blame your KARMA. But when you go to the flashback, You’ll realize that it was only you who decided what to do and it was you who was enjoying the moment without regretting at that particular moment.

The moment you feel no one is with you or for you. Ask the person in front of mirror- Hey buddy/babe are you with me? And believe me, the answer would be always a YES. Just don’t stop believing on yourself and Do Not Quit! This is called self-motivation. The moment when you will feel, if comes a moment if there’s no one besides me and I am enough to motivate and push myself. Goddamn! On that day your mind will become inevitable and unbreakable. Nobody, now can manipulate or let you down anymore. Coz now you have your own world inside you which is ruled by only you.

Its your own KARMA, your own Savage, your own Success and you own Failure. You will just start investing your time, efforts and sweat based on your own vision. You don’t need to be dependent on anyone else’s vision or thought process.

So, Be yourself! Believe in yourself! Never give up!



Developer by Profession. Entrepreneur by Mind. Philosopher by Heart.