Pounding hands of clock
Exploring to unlock

Our visions are so inclined
Not wanting to get declined

Laptops, wifi and mouse
All inside under one house

Being young we're all agile
Though from inside we're all fragile

While destiny is so uncertain
Though our thoughts are so sustained

Sometimes we don't know what we're up to
Still we have got our work to do

We keep running all the time
Not bothering to our spine

So smartly human moves
Slipping into grooves

Not bothering about the past
As time flies so damn fast

No matter if we get a bit scatter
Success is all that matter


Loving like a moon
Hating like a sun
I don't wanna run
I don't need anyone

Broken like a shooting star
Still not healed up my scar
Speeding up my little car
Hopping up in the next bar

Its so dark in the night
Time isn't always right
Its so dark or its so bright
Till my last breath I will fight

Gimme more shots Gimme more drink
Today I won't sink in
Though they stopped me while drinking
I can't resist up my thinking

I do whatever I feel so
Sometimes regretting it although
Sometimes I feel so low
There's no one…

Walking under the stars
Holding all the scars
Might look a bit tired
Don't wanna get admired

Not looking for somebody
Life's still good with nobody
People say you're so rough
Though my mumma told me you're so tough

Loneliness made me so strong
I feel like I am no more wrong

I might not look so stable
Though my visions are inevitable
Locked up in my dark room
Then comes a ray through my bedroom

I wondered where it came from
It all made me sick and so numb
I hate that ray damn so much
I was so comfortable holding that grudge

God said, get up and don't be a dumb
When I was holding fully loaded gun
I was a little bit nervous
Anyways, why should I cry for perverts?



Sometimes we do many a mistakes in our life and not every time we can categorize a particular mistake comes under RIGHT category or a WRONG one. Its just a matter of action which has definitely equal and opposite reaction. That reaction will definitely come to you before death for sure. Its not only the bad deeds but also the good ones.

You’ll only get a cactus plant if you sow a cactus seed and You will only get a mango tree if you sow a mango seed. Damn! Its seems so simple right? If you tell this thing to…

I woke up with a dream

I wish I hadn’t seen

There seemed a total silence

After a lot of violence

I don’t wanted to quit

But perhaps I totally did

People say you should be a warrior to achieve

I said stop I wanna leave

Then came a fairy in my life

She filled love into my darkest life

I got energy to fight with the dark

I was ready on my mark

I stabbed them

I killed them

There was no one left around me

Total silence was left within

Once again I was left alone

The only…

Gaining Power, Superiority, Superpower, Greatness we the human beings are all mad about. We think that if we have a superpower, we can achieve success in a much easier way. But remember folks, everything has its own cost. At least once in a lifetime every human dreams about to be having a Superpower. Unknowingly the Superpower lies within himself. Yes, you are reading it right. Superpower lies within.

The entire life we humans race, compete, defeat each other. Have you ever thought to compete with yourself? Probably not! If Yes, then you are on you right way to achieve that…

A Million Dollar Smile!

Smile…a 5 letter word but a million dollar thing. People achieve success so that they can secure their smile. People earn and spend money so that they can smile and make their loved ones smile. People also fight just to protect their own smile. It all depends for whom you are spending your shit for gaining that million dollar smile. If you are a doctor you make people smile by saving their life. If you are a teacher you make students smile by educating them. If you are a firefighter you put out fires by using water and save one’s…

Life is a Pain

Its just a 3 word phrase but its only understood when experienced. But when do you really experience it? Getting hit by a car? Or falling from 2nd floor? Or getting broken up with your girlfriend? Its not only about getting a a physical pain or a mental pain. Its all about living your life to the fullest. I am not writing this today because I read some kinda Buddha novel or broken up with someone and my heart broken into pieces. No! its just because I decided to live my life to the fullest from today till death.


Sahil Salian

Developer by Profession. Entrepreneur by Mind. Philosopher by Heart.

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