Misers may be considered futile people incapable to have lavish earnings to spend it without a thought. Now here I am not talking about a miser who fights with a vendor to get a small reduction or any other but the businessmen. It is a mandatory principle, “no profit no business”. Profit here means the maximum you should get without any false practices. Here a role of a sagacious miser businessmen comes, first of all bring the best for your business at the cheapest rate with a best quality according to your capital. Being sagaciously miser when it comes to business is important you need to learn how to save money here and there to build up something big with small things. Small things do matter don’t ever feel that if your pockets can afford high priced goods it’s better to save time and buy them. Limiting your expenses is a simple step to earn maximum profit. Wiser miser is concept that should restricted to your business and benefit it.
Price is what you pay, value is what you get….