An Unlit, Promising Candle

I don’t know much about candles or lighting up medium for that matter.

This candle is unlit. Just as the very weapons used with brute force before they sparked their own flame.

I don’t know much about much but I know my little brothers look like Michael Brown.

I know the women in my circle resemble resemble Sandra Bland.

I know Tamir Rice looks like my neighbor.

And my other little brother has the same hoodie as Travon.

I know Tyree King went to the same school a good friend works at; a few blocks away from my parents home. He was 13 and under a hundred pounds!

I don’t know enough about candles. I don’t know if lighting one will do.

I don’t know if all these lives lost will be enough to stop others.

All I know

Is They Matter. We Matter.

I’m tired of telling my little brothers to be careful. I’m tired of looking at little brown kids and saying a prayer for them silently; that they somehow escape this unexplainable fate.

Please stop killings my brothers and sisters. Please.