Condemned # 28

A lovely old house in transition

The building stood on a sad foundation like an ode to victims of long years of abandonment. The roof was caving; the paint clung to the walls only by the grace of the dying caretaker who visited when the doctor allowed.

Permission slip in hand, the City Official took pleasure in abolishing the unsightly nuisance.

“Some things are better off gone” he said with too much conviction. The building had heard better sentiments from worse storms.

The metal lock, grey and heavy had been put on the front door. As a legal sign of finality, a typed notice was taped aptly on the windows.

The building stood high on humble ground. No longer a victim of anything. Never belonging to anyone again.

The price of freedom does not always offer a pleasant view. Such views are often just fleeting reminders — teaching us to not make an enemy of time. The building had weathered enough.

Some things are better left alone and unbothered.

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