you had me at dichotomy… by that I mean; google; by that I mean God.
Jeremy David

Dichotomy is a very good word. In academia and even better in real life.

God complexes are another thing.

Does he know? Doesn’t he? Fuck I just want my team to win! Go Rams!

Two weeks ago I went on zen retreat to the middle of Tennessee. I had a 135 acres to myself and weirdness ensued. Saturday I danced with an improv group. What is my life?

Don’t you dare tell me that you tell people you love them and then tell me you love me after, that defeats the purpose of genuine love.

Instead tell me how I’m Elaine, mixed with Mary Swanson; two fucked up bitches regardless but still too hot to dismiss.

Essentially, I don’t always fall in love but when I do; I prefer psychological ironies and no excuses.

Now tell me you love me like you mean it, Damn it! (Think, Putty and Elaine)

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