She Brings Flowers

Western Maryland

Fresh flowers for a love that cannot bare it all.

Alone, she brings flowers and baked goods

It’s all she’s ever known and done.

She is smart, wise, and terminally


When she brings followers, her face lights up. Suddenly she is that 19 year old girl again.

She walks not with a cane or a limp. Her small body leans from one side to another. Plagued by years of medical hardships, she is on the decline yet mending all the time.

She brings followers to hotel rooms. “I didn’t know If the place had decor”, she says with a small smile.

She has a way of making hope more than a feeling. A visceral, inevitable promise, instead.

I give her a hug. This sweet woman. If only she knew, she just has to bring herself. No followers needed. No baked goods.

Next time, maybe.