Hey You! You are free!


Free as you will ever be

In this moment of rebirth

While today marks the first day of Spring

And tomorrow is still free

Will you wake up to witness the morning sun?

You do not know

I cannot tell you

Still, it is free

The smile of that child on the bus at a stop light

That is free too

You fantasize about the next martini,

The next glass of wine;

The next time you will bask in a the hot sun on vacation

You forgot the vacation is today

That hot sun is shining in your backyard

When was the last time you vacationed in your neighborhood?

Listen up!

Honey bees are singing — -

Lavender is in the air

Hummingbirds will rhyme with the melody of your hopeful heart

Do not wait for others to sing the tune with you

You are free

Do not be still

Summon your soul and the sun

And let your spirit guide you to your backyard; where the hot sun awaits

If you are too afraid; Start with your bedroom window

Stare into the light that reflects your soft, comfortable sheets

Do not wait for the martini, when the wine awaits

You are still free

Just as the last leaf that fell from the tree in your backyard

Yes, your backyard.

See, why you are free?

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