Dear America,

Friendsville, Maryland

Mountains, we take for granted.

In Peace.

Love we abuse.

In Peace.

Water that flows steadily.

In Peace.

Things. Materials. Possessions. And a kiss goodbye.

In Peace.
Desires are pointless.
Direction is frivolous when the plans are not made
In Peace.
We all have our challenges. Our pain. Our mundane stresses.
Our cancers and cancerous tempers.
Changing dispositions with each position we hold.
We all want love and friendship.
We all want normalcy, whatever that means to us.
Everyone likes a smile. A hand to hold. And a nod that says “I understand”.
We all want to represented by something. Someone. To be defined. Somehow.
The first step is taking down your picket signs. Glorifying the overpopulation of indecency is not the way to be heard.
Put down your pitchforks, Small-town America. Trump and Pence will not unify us.
We need mom and pops attention more than we need their homemade apple pie.
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