Remember who they thought you were

You walked in

They judged you before you said hello

Before they saw the lines on your cheeks when you smiled

They saw you and rejected your face, your stance,

They failed to see the affection in your eyes;

The forgiveness in your heart

How can they know when they never inquired?

So you write more. You perform more.

You think and research more than ever;

All to make sense of the whys of our lives

Maybe their lives;

Those, who dismissed you before you said hello;

Before they saw your smile indent the dimples on your cheek.

Yes, you have two dimples on your cheek

They cannot tell you that

But you know that.

In life, it does not matter if the birthmarks are known to others; It only matters if the marks are accepted by you.

The world awaits and your face brightens with each promised minute.

Remember, nothing was promised; when they thought they knew who you were.
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