She Tempts Me; Barely Naked

She touched me as my body grew weak

Trembling with desire; I could hardly speak

She touched me and I breathed a breath

Or so, I think

My arms, stagnant from inaction, leapt

From the couch I had sat for years

Somehow, she saw the blanketed fears

The unwept orange tears

On the surface of the covers I had once bought

To cover up the breakage my heart wrought

It wasn’t easy for me to say it all

One kiss; a joke and an epic fall

Or perhaps a lean that failed?

I couldn’t tell as she spoke of what ailed

Her most broken desires —

Even through gritted teeth, her soul aspires

To be more, to do more, and to know the difference

To always laugh at the path of least resistance

She hated rhyme; cliches of a lost cry
Calling out sweet nothings with each sigh
Oh, how she loved to lie
Naked as she whisked by
Reeking of sex with each knot she could tie
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