You’re restless from all the coffee, and too much of a pussy (your word of choice) to calm down…
Jeremy David

The dichotomy of our lives is so strong. So..get this I love football, so much that I used to stream it in college at the library because their wifi was better. I do hippie shit when I walk barefoot and sing at a corner bc I can. I skip and frolic. But then I bitch when rain touches my brand new summer wedges. My life is one half straddling third world; one half wondering why the Barista at Starbucks keeps spelling my name wrong.

Last March, I took six months off of life and traveled the US. Today, My business card says production and sales and yet I still want to hippy shit with the next gay pirate I see! I want to watch my patriots play knowing that they are cheaters while still feeling sorry for the Browns and cheering on Cam Newton.

I once dated a computer programmer bc he put all nine seasons of Seinfeld on my laptop.

Fuck these contradictions!

P.s I love you

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