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This is so true. I have had a similar experience and am close to that point of building my own website to include the great things I have been inspired to write on this unproductive platform.

As true writers and artists, platforms are important to us but not so much that we should tolerate insincerity and blatant denial of our work.

I’ve only hung on because I don’t consider myself a quitter but I also loathe wasting my time.

I think medium has taught me a couple of things about today’s market. I try to take this as a lesson and not a testament to how the rest of the world operates.

Truthfully, I would rather continue going to my writing groups, open mic nights, and talking to inspirational and creative nerds in random coffee shops and parks. Medium is reminiscent of a mean girl club that never grew up.

Good luck to you man! I’ll be sure to head over to your website in true artists fashion.

Make something great! I know will.

Once I port my content out to my website, I’ll be right behind you.

Right on, crow man! Right on! G

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