To the jobs who rejected me

I saw your email the other day

I didn’t know how much I cared till I read it at its entirety

Your words were so empty;

As if you ran out of adjectives;

Or etiquette for that matter

Promising verbs were not your strength

You tried to sedate me with your long winded goodbye

“We will keep your resume on file”

You insisted

Yes, just like all the others on the “not quite good enough batch”’files

You told me to offer feedback

But I knew you didn’t mean it

I cannot tell you how bad it feels to be lower than the honorable mentions

The socalled “uncalled” candidates

Do they deserve a category?

I suppose not

You left me a message entitled “Your so and so Application”

Hey at least you let me know

Most do not offer such courtesies

Sometimes I feel as if there is a Black hole full of unanswered applications and rejected cover letters

I listen to your radio stations
I read your newspapers
I tune in to your podcasts
I have studied your lectures at your prospective universities
I have worked in your industries;
Developed your marketing Models
I have humored your consultants
And befriended your overworked staff

At random hotel lobbies and empty airports

They are no different than I

But somehow they made a cut that they are now unhappy with

Do I have a choice?

While CEOs bitch to me about annoying mergers and unproductive organizations;

Am I to remain the quiet observer?

“I would hire you in a heartbeat” they say,as their HR throws my resume into the black hole of the unprospectives

I have met the HR staffs too; they were often by themselves in the corner of elegant bars feeling insecure and replacing dignity with arrogance

Yes, you hire people but do you care?

I would ask

A few drinks in and suddenly they would be crying about the inferiority of their own resumes

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter

Resumes are a piece of paper that burn when you light a match to it

Mine is quite impressive

But not because of blind ambition

No, unfortunately I have varied interests

My versatility stems from self motivation

And the danger lies in my unwillingness to stop branching out or learning new things

You see I am what you call a jack of all trades but a master of none

That’s probably my strongest weakness

I am sorry about that, my budding rejecters

I guess I will continue to keep applying

And you will continue to keep declining

It’s okay though

One day, there shall be a lining in that silver sky that we often have in the Midwest and it will shine on my unsuspecting resume

Where have you been? My resume will ask

To which my dream job will reply,

“Waiting for you”

Should I be so lucky to have a job in this American life?

I’ll wait…

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