Why I must go ..
Wild Flower

Wild Flower, the honesty and sincerity in this post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. To touch on your point about seeing homelessness and poverty in America but still longing to trek halfway around the world to alleviate the same problems — I find it quite brave.

Coming from a third world country, the desolate reality of such regions are “normal” to me. I feel lucky and blessed that my parents “escaped” and in turn allowed me to do the same.

At the same time, all my volunteering/nonprofit efforts in the states have taught me we are all fighting the same fight. Unfortunately, the politics of our fight here and the bleak future of those in the third world is a harsh truth.

Anyhow, I’m very proud of you. This is brave. It will be scary but only a few people can do it. And I think you’ll do great. Just beware that you might become “different” (in the best way) and embrace it!

Good luck and keep us updated.

Peace and love,


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