Wonderful Unknown

Too much stimuli and too little contemplation, we often lose the will to make sense of it all. We project so much onto everything/everyone. Why do we do it?

Fear. It is because we fear the unknown. Ironically, the unknown does not fear us. Perhaps, it does not know either.

Perhaps no one knows. Perhaps we should all just refrain from trying to know something that will always remain obscure.

That is too simple of a suggestion for complex humans though. People like to make the simple complex only to find simpler ways to make the complex simpler. Do you see this? It is a cycle we created.

So, should we challenge this? I mean we can but we are likely to recreate the same cycle in another form and become perplexed by that too.

Oh, fickle humans.

You know what I like about nature? Its willingness to remain simple in its complexity. Nature does not care to project its temperamental temperatures, its flowing waters, tumultuous winds, and lucid raindrops on to us humans.

Perhaps nature knows how unproductive and stress inducing that task will be.

After all, as human overcompensate for everything, nature just sits.

Humans complain about the direction of the wind, the nuisance of rain on their days off, and how that bird that pooped on the car they just washed.

Nature just sits. It tolerates. It forgives.

Damn that snow, humans say.

Damn that hot sun, humans sigh.

Nature just sits.

Maybe it knows the unknown equation that we have been trying to solve all along. Maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe, just maybe, it does not care.

Maybe, we shouldn’t either.

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