Ok, i’m an instant fan! this piece just made me bounce off my seat. All of that huh x
Wild Flower

You, my dear, are quite the sweetheart. Thank you for reading my words.

Remember these and all the other inspiring words you subscribe to on your journey.

Let me say this; this piece was so freeing and hard to write. It’s so real. So poignant. I honestly was proud of it.

Let me tell you this; you will experience so many amazing things. So many lives.

And so many loves. Just open yourself up to it. My only advice is you take care of your soul — that is be kind to yourself and hold yourself only accountable to your emotions, projections, and desires.

And always come from love; that way even when you lose, it’s not an actual loss.

Drink wine. For the taste. Coffee beans for the vigor. And be the first to laugh at yourself.

We are special because we are nothing special.

I’m so excited for you!