Alberta native heads marketing and biz dev for global basketball brand

Navin Ramharak, contributes to the growth of Devin Williams’ In the Lab brand.

Despite the lackluster performance by the Men’s National Team earlier this week, Canadian basketball is on the rise, and NBA standouts are looking to the North to grow their global presence.

Preface: It all started off as a simple experiment

When Devin Williams, former NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks, started In the Lab, he did it out of the necessity of creating a video for a school project.

The video he created of him training two high school students ended up going viral. Even avid basketball fans in China caught wind of it.

Now, In the Lab (ITL) has grown from a pet high school project into a world-renowned lifestyle brand. They help shape coaches, athletes, and sports fans through innovative hoop experiences by means of filmmaking and visual content, and through a YouTube series named 10,000 Hours.

The company latched on to the term for the video segment after Devin discovered Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers: Story of Success. In it, the book famously states that to have success in any field 10,000 hours of practice must be achieved to produce great results.

Navin Ramharak heads the Canadian Business Development & Marketing Division

An Edmonton, Alberta native and local hoop star, discovered the program through viewing some YouTube content himself. However, Navin came with an impressive resume to back it up.

Having hands in creating Grizzlies Basketball (formerly known as Northern Alberta Basketball), he was no stranger to organizing basketball leagues, tournaments, youth programs and development camps within the greater Edmonton area.

As he takes the reigns to build the Canadian division of ITL, Navin believes it is the mission of the company and the team that drew him to the LAB operation.

“Our stories, our teachings and what we believe in span way outside basketball and that is a big driver for what has helped us grow over the years,” explains Navin. “We are all, essentially, In the lab working on our craft whether you’re a barber, photographer, real estate mogul, or car salesman. We all are putting our 10,000 hours into growing and becoming better at what we do.”

This year alone they will be heading to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, & Thailand to run training sessions. Navin also claims that there are some MASSIVE plans for the 2018 year which they will refrain to mention just yet.

Facing adversity has been no stranger to Navin, however making excuses for them is not part of his fallback plan. “You can’t become enslaved by disappointments. You have to realize that every disappointment has been engineered for your greater destiny,” Ramharak emphasizes.

It is this mix of having a positive mindset and faith that has allowed him to become a regular name in many basketball households across the Province and to receive praises from the Grandfather of basketball in Alberta.

What can we look forward to from Navin, Devin & Co.?

With more YouTube episodes on the way, a clothing brand, and trips destined for multiple continents, this experiment is just getting to its boiling point.

They plan to change the way the game is taught, and 2018 will be their showcase year. “This is an ongoing process of evaluating, analyzing, formulating, testing, and refining basketball players,” Ramharak states.

As the Internet becomes available to billions more over the next decade, In the Lab plans to scale into a major player globally by driving content to a bigger audience.

Follow their Instagram page and watch the story unfold.

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