Calling All Influencers: Become a Cappsule Local

Before Thanksgiving weekend kicked-off for us, we hosted our very first Social Influencer meetup at the Cappsule HQ.

Something incredible happens when smart and technology-savvy influencers from different backgrounds come together to shed light on a particular topic. Product feedback from our community is what we truly value and how we plan to be hyper-focused, but we could not ask for a better group of influencers to join us for our first meet-up in Edmonton. The topic of our first meet-up was: will Cappsule survive the first interaction with our users on launch?

Every second Thursday we curate tech- & travel-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded, social influencers to join us at the Cappsule HQ to take an exclusive look at new developments we plan to release. With the product launch approaching on Sept 21st (more details here), this crew is mandated to basically let us know if we are ‘sucking’ or not. Click on the video below to watch a sneak peak of what took place.

For anyone who has done software or product development before you know that the only true form of validation comes from the actual usage of whatever you’re hacking (developing). However, the Social Influencer Meet-ups are a good chance to have an intimate conversation — in a world full of clutter — with people identified to possibly care about the problem we are trying to solve: How can we make users be and feel local everywhere?

Each individual that joined us for the roundtable discussion has quite an impressive list of accomplishments on their own, so it was neat to see gears turning and ideas flowing the moment we started talking about the Cappsule app.

One thing was for sure:

the core functionality of the product is on track to address the problem of helping people be local — anywhere on earth (with humble beginnings starting here in Edmonton).

We were a bit worried about the leanness of the features, but that seems to be what we need to push this out to the wild (launch the app). When the topic of video or photo editing features came up, the group consensus was to just keep it basic!

Another interesting point was some of the features we had listed on our product map, came up in the discussion before the Cappsule team could even mention them. For example, Paul, a technology product manager, brought up the idea of making it so users can comment on specific Cappsules. According to the 1/9/90 rule: 1% of users will post consistently, 9% will comment/favourite on previous cappsules, and 90% will simply just view.

Overall, the first Social Influencer meet-up had a very positive outcome. After putting our heads down and spending a few months hammering out a set of core features that would help people uncover, discover and share local experiences anywhere on earth, it’s validating to see it resonating with people (even if some of the invitees were our friends).

If you think you have what it takes to be a Social Influencer, earn your stripes here. I promise it will be worth your while — hit the first milestone and you’re in!

We plan to host these everywhere around the world in the near future and we want to take you with us. By learning from influencers from around the world, we believe it’s the best way to help people be and feel local everywhere.

P.s. Don’t forget to get your event tickets: It is going to be a moovvvieee!

Your homie,

Sahr Saffa
Co-founder & CEO