Edmonton Construction Duo goes Hollywood

Becoming a top 10 construction company in the world might be a long term goal for Zorzetto Williams Construction, but they might have just contracted a detour to get there a tad quicker.

What is all the hype about?

Just recently, some big-wig producers from an HGTV Canada contacted the duo to try out for a program they have in the works. If they get past the next round of interviews and pilots, they will earn a chance to have their work featured on the Network.

Anthony Zoretto and Daniel Williams, founders of the company, credit the recognition to the steady stream of business they have been able to maintain, and their dedication to creating a voice on social media.

IG strikes again

The construction industry and social media go together like Crocs and any article of clothing. There just isn’t good history there. However, it was their online profile that caught the attention of the network. “They spotted us [on Instagram], and they expressed that they liked our work,” Anthony shares.

The dedication to their craftsmanship and positivity towards their work doesn’t go ignored. With specific areas of focus on basement developments, full home renos, and decks revamping, the duo has a plethora of successful projects to share.

Where from here?

Outside of continuing to share their passion on current social platforms, the company will look to grow by continuing to believe in the product they deliver.

It’s simple just to think that by lowering your price, one can attract business or by taking on work without any repercussions. However, Anthony believes that organizational growth will come from being firm and upfront with costs, especially those requiring significant changes to what has already been created.

“I used to throw in extra work and materials because I was nervous to charge. These ended up costing me massive amounts in the end which decreased the quality and craftsmanship I could deliver. As anticipated, this doesn’t translate to more business referrals,” Anthony says.

He admits that people change structures and finishes on their projects all the time and if each party is aware of the costs to do this upfront, everyone wins.

“Construction doesn’t have to be as stressful as everyone thinks. It can, in fact, be extremely gratifying. If we make it onto the show, our goal would be just exactly how rewarding it is.”

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