NEWS + VIEWS | Why You Should Get Attuned with Stefan Rzadzinski

You probably haven’t heard of Stefan Rzadzinski. If not, that is okay, but we suggest you familiarize yourself with him. His wheels are still turning after racing in Seoul with the Atlas BX team this past weekend. It is safe to say he is making his presence felt in the world of racing.

In his short tenure as a professional race car driver, he has achieved some incredible feats. Earlier this year he defeated Indy 500 winner, Alexander Rossi in the Race of Champions.

Just to even earn a spot there, he self-handily initiated a viral campaign that received a stamp of approval from the Premier and his community.

When it comes down to it, Stefan is the real deal. So why do we like Stefan what makes him an emerging force to be reckoned with? We boiled it down to two things: focus and intention.

Stefan has narrowed his concentration to become a world champion. Period. To many that are green to the sport (as we still are!), a world-champion is anyone who wins any one of the championship events listed here. Formula 1 is the crème de la crème, of course.

When it comes to intent, all decisions boil down to following his dreams. Stefan has decided to leave his full-time job to move to British Columbia where he will be coaching at a new racetrack and dedicating more time to his training.

With the right mix of street smarts, intellect, hustle, and talent, Stefan is an emerging leader you should keep a close eye on. He might zoom his way to a world podium if you decide to blink.

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