What is azure service bus:

Azure service bus provide loos coupling between the client and server.

Types: Queue and Topic

Queue- queue worked on FIFO model. messages are process on first come first out basis.


1. one to one mapping with client and server.

2. Message can send by the client (.net core application)c# based application.

3. Message can be send one by one or using the batching.

4. Once message send by the client application it will get stored in azure service bus.

5. Receiver application can be developed using C # language.the receiver application can read the message from service bus and then message will be deleted from queue.

5. Receiver application can read DLQ message.

6. Service bus nugget package is available.

Topic : topic is work on one to many pattern. One message can be delivered to number if subscribers.

  1. One to many — one message can deliver to multiple subscribers.
  • DLQ features is available.
  • More than one receiver can received same message.
  • Can connect from c# code.