Are you mindful or is your mindful?

Imagine your brain like a sponge.

Hypertheoretical: The liquid is information.

When you try to learn more information, and you find it hard. It could be a sign that your brain is full of information.

Imagine squeezing a sponge full of water, where does the water go?
In other words, where is the information going?

The information gets poured out onto the floor, and disappears forever. That information is lost, but the sponge has room to full up again with more water.

If the water is poured onto a cup, it is retained. What is a cup for retaining information? Journalling.

In Peter Druckers Managing Oneself — Harvard Business Review, on of the top authors in business of all time. He suggests, to know your strengths & weaknesses before all else. Taking advantage of our natural strengths is something very few people actually do, despite being seemingly obvious says Drucker and doing what you are good at is how people achieve results. After reading this book, I took to some self analysis.

For my mind, I am a do-er. To speak, write and articulate knowledge in my own way. Voice and writing direct flow of information from my mind, creating a connection that my brains wiring filters into memory. That is why I retain so much information and can learn more each day.

To some degree we all learn with all of the main methods to learning. However, we all have strengths and the best way to retain information is to use the methods that come easiest to you personally.

I journal in depth on information that I consider complex, it helps me structure and summarise what I’ve learnt.

Journalling is not limited to writing, I use speaking and videos to challenge me under pressure. A good practice for many reasons.

There is a science and process proven that this works. If writing and speaking are not your strengths, find what way you best retain information and train everyday.

This is a droplet of information that can help you understand how to keep information and release it. If you have any questions please send me a message, I am here to help.

Have a grateful blessed day, particularly today of all days. Easter Sunday.