WTF is going on with
Tom Grek

I had completed the Keras version of course 1 last year. It was awesome, I also learnt from and Karpathy notes which linked to. Got a good beginning in understanding and applying deep learning.

When I wen through the notebooks of the new course 1, I had experience using pytorch etc, felt the API was too abstracted making things unclear unlike old course 1 materials.

There is a effort going on to refactor the library for v1. You can check it out here and forum discussing the new API. But I think some of the existing conventions (of the new pytorch like variable names, formatting etc are there to stay.

If I abstract that any further, I might as well use an AWS machine learning API.

I differ a little here. I find the abstractions in AllenNLP library( really useful for fast iteration, experiment design and replicability. It is a library that builds upon pytorch. It provides a nice way for building reusable parts of the NLP pipeline for deep learning. I think it can be extended to other problems trivially though focus of the current components are on NLP.