September 22 ,1990 heavy rains and a thunderstorm hit the coast of Kerala. People were terrified on looking at the horrifying intensity of the fatal demon. Meanwhile army soldier Ashok gets a call to immediately report at the army base in Srinagar. He is on paternity leave and is expecting a baby in hours, his wife is suffering from labor pains and without a word to his wife he leaves the hospital to serve the nation in need. He immediately rushed to the Railway station and boarded the train to Srinagar. On reaching there a dreadful situation awaits him. Rounds of firing all-around and soldiers turning into martyrs to save the nation and uplift its glory being enraged he gets into the war and soon he is one among the bravest.

This news hasn’t reached his home. They are still waiting for his letters. Months and years passed by, being uneducated she doesn’t know how to reach her husband but never stopped trying.She ran across many offices in search of her husband but all her efforts ended in vain .Being a mother she grew her son up with an aspiring ambition to achieve a job which is meant for the service of the nation.

…………………….Here I am ladies & gentleman the son of a proud mother and a brave soldier . I am now very glad that as a public servant I’ve eliminated a conniving criminal who lived by threatening naive people.

Somewhere beneath the stage his mother is shedding tears of joy. She is never sad that her husband is dead.I’m sorry ENCOUNTERED BY HIS OWN SON.She is indeed happy that a criminal is no more.Yes she might have lied to her son about his father, in fact circumstances made him a criminal.Though his was a notorious criminal with a lie hiding the truth and a motivation of an ideal soldier’s life his mother brought him up to kill his own father with no innate intention but solely to see the end of a crooked man.

Right or wrong , she thought her son would never be able to kill his own father if he knew it.So the truth has been concealed forever in her heart deeply and firmly rooted. Love is not an affection to be shown but is indeed LOTS.OF.VEILED.EMOTIONS………a PLETHORA OF IMMINENT JOY….


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