Introducing Momos: Pushing forward the F&B eCommerce revolution

Guiding Restaurants through a global pandemic and beyond

COVID-19 took it one step further and changed everything again in 2020, perhaps permanently.

If it was a challenge for us to grow restaurants on a single platform, how difficult must it be for restaurants to manage all of their online channels?

F&B eCommerce: Maximizing throughput in a restaurant

I strongly believe we are going to witness a renaissance in the F&B industry where diners can have unlimited choices of what they can eat — all fulfilled by restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines.

F&B: The importance of digital marketing

What we do: Managing and growing the online restaurant

  • Reviews on food delivery platforms, and discovery platforms,
  • Replies on social media,
  • Responses on chat.

Build Build Build



Co-Founder & CEO @ Momos

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