I would like to unleash the existence of a religion of which people are Oblivious though it is a main part in many of their lives. This religion has no bias and it encourages no war. It is a treaty between the soul and the body. A treaty strong enough to emancipate one from this world. The Religion is Coffee, enjoying its sobriquets across the continents. If Coffee is considered a religion, Caffeine is its god, Cups are the prophets and Lovers of this godly drink are its followers.A Cup of it taken strong gives relief from thoughts, taken light gives the pleasure of eternal love.Consumed single, it will act like a friend. When taken with friends, acts like a mutual friend.

Those who say Coffee is not good for health, we take it as blasphemy. Those who say Coffee consumption makes one obese, we take it as profanity. But this religious bigotry can never effect our view on coffee.That sibilant hissing at the frontiers of a porcelain cup gives us enough relief for an hour. That mesmerizing smell of grounded coffee mixture is feast for nostrils and the brain.That fragrance keeps the mind fresh like a deodorant does for a body. Oh holy soul who founded coffee, may you rest in peace forever (I know it is a bit exaggeration).

A cup of steamed Coffee early in the morning, the vapour touching the gap between the eyes and on forehead, the aroma escaping through two small orifices finding its way to the hit spot in brain, competes with the hot coffee that travels through the epiglottis and reach digestive system. A perfect sync between these two can make one feel light, can make one feel like reborn.

Though it is served dark in America, served with milk in India, the taste and feeling is the same for a coffee lover. He enjoys a coffee on a road side stall as well in a Restaurant. A lot can happen over a coffee. Agreed. Visit a CCD, the above statement is instantly justified. Coffee gives the time for the lovers to cherish the time spent together. The hot coffee in between the lovers on a table gives the boy an advantage to look at his hot lover romantically and persuasively. It gives the girl time to adjust with her gentle boy.

“Anna oru filter Coffee and One coffee please!!” have the same intensity of eagerness and enthusiasm. It embraces all classes equally.

Oh dear drink of gods(Coffee), Blessings of saints, keep flourishing the humanity with your Abundance. Replenish our minds with good thoughts. Sanctify our lands with your seedlings. Purify our air with your Aroma. Proliferate the message of peace to all beings. Blur our eyes with your steam of love.Let us enjoy you to the last drop. Let us praise you with words of opulence. The only ubiquitous after the almighty, I crouch before the cup you are filled in and let me embrace you with my perpetual love.

Dedicated to all Coffee Lovers.

- Sai Anvesh

Moody | Humorous | Erratic

Moody | Humorous | Erratic