Into the Darkness!

A man, with a knife in his hand, is walking down a deserted road in the middle of the night. He looked like a nocturnal being, like a wolf that hunts at night. His eyes are red, forehead is frowned and he is walking stiffly like a hawk charges towards its prey. He squinted at the beam of light at some distance. The corn fields are swaying in the night wind on the either side of the road. This man has the determination of crossing an ocean to meet his target. Until yesterday, he wouldn’t have moved the index finger of his hand to point to a product a consumer seeks. He is such a lethargic person. But one night had changed his whole life and now he is carrying a knife to seek vengeance.

He is moving at the pace of a panther. After a continuous stroll, he started gasping which is obvious in his state of health. He started searching for water and found a tap that was fixed to a motor that draws water in to the fields. He desperately moved towards it and realized that he is being followed. He saw a silhouette of a person moving at the pace he is moving. He was scared and turned, only to find none. He turned his face and he was stunned by what he saw. A normal heart patient would have died of shock. He saw an old person directly staring at him. Both of them are so close that they can feel the breath and the beat of each other’s heart.

The old man looked familiar but he couldn’t recall where he saw him. He tried to move towards the tap by avoiding him. “There is no water. The tap won’t work” said the old man in a puffy voice.

“How do you know it?” the man asked in an angry and desperate tone.

“I know because I own this motor and the field beyond that”, replied the old man.

“You need to help me. I am thirsty and I need some water” said the man in a pale voice.

“My home is not far from here. Come with me and I’ll provide you with water” said the old man.

The man agreed and now both of them started walking in the dark. There is no light except for the lantern the old man has been carrying. The man was still holding his knife tightly in his arms and the old man observed it. By the look he came to a conclusion that this man is going to do something drastic. He wanted to start a conversation and try to know what this man is up to.

“Why are you carrying a knife son?” inquired the old man.

“It’s none of your business. Just stop talking.” said the man.

“It is a long walk and it could be boring. If you are going to do something stupid, I can guide you to do it correct with all my experience. Share your story and we shall discuss the pros and cons” Assured the old man and convinced him to talk.

“Till yesterday, I was a happy man, with a beautiful wife, a job and a beautiful house with affordable mortgage. We were supposed to have our dinner to consummate our one year healthy relationship. I reached home early to take her out. The door was ajar and I sensed something wrong has happened. As I moved towards the living room, I saw all the furniture disturbed and some were broken. A chill and fear ran up my spine and I rushed towards the living room. What lay there was a motionless figure of someone I dearly admired and loved. Her throat was slit and I saw her head in a pool of blood. For a moment everything seemed surreal, I wish it was. I saw a dark shadow over my body and the next thing I knew was everything went blank. Since then, I was searching for that person who turned my life miserable. I have been searching for that person daily and the knife you see in my hand was taken from my kitchen. She was using this to cut the vegetables and now I am going to show this knife the taste and feel of human flesh.” Said the man in agony and tears started rolling down his cheeks.

The old man started smiling and started his speech firmly

“Now, young man, listen to what I say carefully. I have been telling you the same since many years but all that is, either entering into a place in your brain from where the retrieval of memory is too difficult or getting erased by every morning you woke up. You are no more than the remains of a mortal body. You are the memories of your past life. Your very physical presence cannot be diminished by the five elements of nature. You were dead on the same day your wife died and you have no memory of it!”

The young man was startled and couldn’t believe what he just heard. He was furious and stabbed the old man with the knife. The old man was still and neither a roar of agony nor a drop of blood spilled. The knife disappeared from his hand and the old man was still laughing.

“I forgot to say this. I’m also dead. I have been assigned the task to make you normal and bring the hard realization in you. Once you realize it, you will find inner peace and leave this world peacefully. Until you realize that, we both are stuck here” the old man said and burst into laughs.

“Why would you want to help me? You never knew me in the first place” said the young man, now trying to understand the situation.

“The person who killed you and your wife was a psychopath and I was his personal doctor at the penitentiary. One day while I was treating him, he lost his control and banged my head to the wall multiple times. I died instantly due to brain hemorrhage. After that, my soul followed him to your house and saw the happenings of that evening. I saw you and your wife dying and couldn’t help. So, I took the task of freeing you both from this world. Once I’m done with you, I shall follow the same course” Said the old man in a shivering voice.

The young man was aghast to digest this fact and he faced the old man in tears. Realizing the futility of seeking vengeance, he disappeared into the thin air and the old man followed the same course.

“Life is unpredictable. We all have our share of agonies, fears and vendettas. But facing them with courage and positive attitude leads to a happier life. Sometimes we get hurt by others fault. This leads us to darkness. Vengeance may not be the answer for that. Every being is mortal. Some early and some follow the same road in the course of time “

- Sai Anvesh

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