My Heart Bleeds for Syria..

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis” — Dante

This line inspires me every time I think of it. I have to take a side. Do I have to? But which side? There are multiple… I side with the people of Syria. I stand with them in their ordeals to get freedom. It’s been 7 years and it’s only getting worse than it was years ago.

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” one of my favorite lines from Transformers movie. When we have the guts to assign this dialogue to an imaginary auto bot whatever the mechanical creature it was, what has been stopping us from thinking of the same for our fellow beings?

One of the recent things that moved me the most was the funeral that the living arranged for themselves. And the saddest part was bombs dropped on a group of people mourning for the dead. There has been a lot happening in this heritage rich and now a poor country. Renegades, government, countries bombing each other and the common people have been suffering throughout. Many have been trying to flee the country and I hope they find home in other countries.

At this moment, I only have the greatest respect for Germany and Angela Merkel. “It’s not when everything is certain a leader shows his/her ability to lead. It’s in these times of war, uncertainty, moral depression that the true leaders show their ability and capability.” Such a bold decision by a bold leader. A country once the world despised is an epitome of humanity now. While the entire world is getting into a mode of protectionism, Germany has opened its borders to welcome these people and show them home.

What triggered me into writing this? The below picture

The father is holding the bodies of his twins who were the victims of the recent alleged chemical attack on Syria. Just look at those innocent and calm faces. If it were elsewhere in the world, these both would have been playing and rejoicing. Feeling the warmth in the lap of their mother. Chasing each other. Was their karma really this? They were nine months old and do they really deserve to become the martyrs of this unending insanity we call war? This man lost all his family. His wife, twins, nephews and all his relatives. They buried the bodies like it was a mass grave… I’m out of words here

I saw this video from BBC where this father explained how everything happened in matter of minutes. At the end he was emotional, in tears, his face red, he looked helpless. His words were “God will take revenge”. Now do you think this man will take a placard and protest in front of the people and media or will he take a weapon and seek his revenge? I just don’t want to think about it.

I feel that the Syrian war lost its purpose. It’s like bombing the entire jungle to infiltrate the few renegades. Now when you do that, you lose the vegetation, you set the forest on fire and kill the innocent animals.

Millions of people were displaced due to this war and hence the Syrian refugee crisis. The capsize of boat near turkey and the lifeless body of Alan Kurdi ashore and now these twins and many other innocent civilians becoming the scapegoats of this never ending war.

I just don’t want to think the utilitarian side of this war. The purpose of “Greater good” was lost. If the purpose of this war is to bring peace, but at what cost?

Now in this enduring pain and during these ordeals of Syrians, I would like to say

“Syria, stay strong. You’re one of the examples of the destruction humans have unleashed on themselves. The future generations will learn about you and you won’t be just the lines in history books. Every sensible heart bleeds with you. I’m with you and I pray for your peace”.

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