Scene 1:

She dropped a handful of curry leaves into the pan and they sizzled in the oil bringing up a bit of smoke. She covered her nose with the dangling part of her sari and coughed for a few seconds. The food is prepared and packed into three different lunch boxes, one for her, one for her husband and one for her son. The breakfast is adjusted into a hotbox and she started the ordeal of waking up her husband and their son. Post this, she took bath, got ready for the office and left in her car in a hurry to attend a meeting of strategic decision making in her business unit.

Scene 2:

During the same hours as mentioned above….

She woke up early in the morning, before sunrise. She took a broom and started cleaning the porch which is filled with leaves and dust. After this she took a bucket of water and started splashing it with a mug on the mud floor. Post this she took hay and fed it to the cows mooing in the shed. The sun slowly started rising beaming rays in all directions. She took a big clay pot, wrapped her hand around the neck of the pot, and raised it close to armpit so that the bottom is rested onto her waist. She, with a dozen other woman started for a journey of 10 miles to get drinking water.

Scene 3:

She woke up beside him, the room is stark dark. She let the grip of his hand go around her waist and she stealthily got up from the bed, pushing aside the woolen sheet from her legs. She moved towards the other end of the room and started moving her hands lazily for something. She caught hold of the drapes and opened them letting the sunlight into the room. The scenery is beautiful. The suite they are staying in has a beautiful view of the ocean. The sudden stream of light woke him up. She took a sip of wine, gestured a kiss towards him and entered the bathroom. He followed her and the rest is left to your imagination.

Scene 4:

Her face bloated and there are visible marks of fingers on her both cheeks. She didn’t had a proper sleep last night and she woke up early from bed. Last night was any other normal night for her. She waited in her room, looking at the clock, trembling with fear of his return from work. He flipped near the door and was on floor by the time she was in the verandah. He gave a crooked smile which revealed his rotten teeth. He’s drunk till his neck and stumbled on each step. He moved slowly towards her, grabbed her by the hair and started assaulting her with his bare hands. She pleaded, begged and enquired him for the reason behind this torture. This infuriated him and he beat her with a stick enunciating the word “dowry “until he passed out. Her body was quivering with pain and she lay there crying silently else the noise could wake him up.

Scene 5:

The air marshal and the rest of the crew look tensed on the ground. They had never witnessed such an historic moment. Up in the sky, the fighter jet swirled like a kite and started its descent towards the runway. She assiduously and meticulously landed the jet and came out of the cockpit. There was loud cheers from the crew and the audience. First batch of women pilots were on boarded that day.

Scene 6:

She said good bye to her father on the phone. Neither she nor did her father knew it would their last conversation. She wore a party dress, applied lipstick and went to the balcony hearing the honk. Her friend was here. She took her purse, scarf and coat and busily went down. He received her and they started off to the pub to celebrate their love anniversary. They enjoyed, they danced but neither of them consumed alcohol. While they were leaving, in the parking lot a gang attacked them and molested her. She stayed in ICU for 1 week before breathing her last breath.

Scene 7:

You may disagree with me on this below paragraph. However, I hold my ground

A group of feminists are shouting slogans and protesting on the streets of a city were asked to clear the route to give way to the vehicles. They abused and criticized all the men on the planet including the person who asked them to leave the spot. That person was merely doing the designated duty. Their protest was towards the recent New Year eve’s mass molestation. These activists become active only during the events like these in the cities. They talk about feminism in their air conditioned rooms sipping alcohol with likes of them. Their concept is “calibrated feminism”.

Scene 8:

The cry of the newborn elated the mother and father. Their faces exhibited joy and relief. They both looked intently at the serene face of their baby girl, thinking about making this world a better place for her, thinking about designing her future, unaware of the hurdles they need to face henceforth…..

The baby girl just born may become one woman among multiple scenarios explained above and many more unexplained ones in this post. Yet it’s far and tough journey. One of their lifestyles is filled with the money, one with love, one with passion, one with oppression and one with independence. Making the world a better place and creating conducive environment for women is the responsibility of each and every human being breathing on this planet.

This is not a post to rebuke a section of society or any gender. It’s based on the happenings around and it is pure fiction.

No credits for the image used, however I would like to thank the one who created such a beautiful art….

— Sai Anvesh

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