How to claim SCH Token Airdrop

We have an interesting program where you can all participate in this program, Airdrop. You only need to send 0 ETH to our smart contract address and automatically you will get SCH token for free.

Only 1 ERC20 per claim is allowed.

Please follow the steps below :

  1. First you have to get into the wallet of MEW or other ethereum wallet. Then send 0 ETH to our smart contract address 0xf34839B310097FcB4Cf3a302dda8CC9B57501083
  2. After that wait until it appears txid, and make sure if your transaction is successful, then automatically you will get 7000 SCH in your wallet. Your token can be reduced every time there is a new participant
  3. Congrats you get free SCH token in your wallet and please for use the gas recommended below before you send your ethereum at .

Warning, if you send more than 0 Ethereum it will be counted as a donation.

NOTE : you can use Gas Limit 120000 if you have problems sending 0 ETH

SCH Supply Information

  • Total Supply 2,700,000,000
  • Contract Address : 0xf34839B310097FcB4Cf3a302dda8CC9B57501083
  • Symbol : SCH
  • Decimal : 18

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