Seedr: Something Awesome

There are times when a product catches you off guard. This is one such product.

Most people now know of Torrents and many of the torrent sharing sites related to them, mainly due to the ever increasing crack-down on the illegal sharing going on using torrents. If you don’t know about torrents or the BitTorrent Protocol or peer-to-peer networks and how they work, get yourself acquainted about it here.

Seedr is a web based BitTorrent client. It has an amazing and a fairly simple way to download and stream content from the web. Better yet, if the file you want to download has already been downloaded before by someone on their network, you’d have instant access to it!

Seedr Home Page.

I was referred to Seedr by a friend of mine when I was having some problems with my laptop ( happens all the time :\ ) and was searching for an alternative way to download what he had shared on a magnet. He showed me the basics of Seedr ( though they have an awesome 8-bit style video detailing the same, its quicker to learn from a friend :D ) and that’s about it. It was easy to use and I got things done in a jiffy. Since another person had already downloaded the file using this service, I had the ~2 GB file in my account instantly.

Even if no one has downloaded a specific torrent on Seedr, when you ask it to download, it would do so with blazing fast speeds. Seedr’s home page boasts of download speeds of beyond 100 Mbps.

A graph showing Seedr’s Torrent download speeds.

As many would expect, there are some limitations to this service. First off, though we can download an unlimited amount from this service, you cannot have files exceeding specified amount of space in your account at once. In the beginning, you’ll get 2.5 GB of space, which would be more than sufficient to download most of the content you’d find on the web. However, if you are the sort of person 2.5 GB isn’t enough ( Me ), you have one of two options — One, you could pay a small monthly price and have up to 1 TB of space for yourself and get a whole lot of other benefits for being a paying customer ( more information here ) or Two, you could help them propagate by spreading the word in specific ways for which you’d be given either 0.5 GB or 1 GB of additional space.

Having said that, if you live in certain unmentionable places where torrents are viewed as a taboo, then you are in luck as Seedr claims to keep downloads anonymous. When you download from Seedr, it would seem as if you are downloading some regular file.

In conclusion, if you are a regular user of torrents and want to download torrents with ease, speed and anonymously, Seedr is for you. It, as it claims, could eliminate your usage of a desktop based BitTorrent client.

Go ahead. Try it out.

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