Easy Taxi — Brazilian StartUp to the World!

Brazilian startup opened its eyes to the world, in 30 countries. Easy Taxi is the number one taxi solution consumers and businesses in 420 cities. From Brazil, to the World!

When we came into existence in 2011, Easy Taxi’s founders were guided by one objective — to connect taxi drivers and passengers, portraying public transportation as efficient and safe.

Launched in April 2012, the idea for the application came in June 2011, during the Startup Weekend Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After that, Easy Taxi became a pioneer in online taxi services in Latin America. Currently available in 30 countries and 420 cities, the app has globally redefined taxi booking.

Easy Taxi is the most downloaded taxi app in the world. The application connects taxi drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at just a tap of button. Easy Taxi is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices, as well as for B2B clients through Easy Taxi PRO and Easy Taxi Corporate solutions.

From the beginning, Easy Taxi has won awards such as Startup Weekend Rio 2011, IBM SmartCamp Brazil 2011, Startup Farm Rio 2011, TNW Awards Brazil 2012, Spark Awards 2013 and LIDE Entrepreneurship Award 2013.

Congratulations Easy Taxi!

Originally published at www.saidmurat.net on November 6, 2015.