Although skills will not only get you a high paying job as often times you’d need a certification for such jobs in the tech industry however results from a recent survey has revealed the top highest paying tech skills with no certifications required.

Compression is a widespread systemic reality that tends to be much worse in the tech workforce because of the rapid evolution of technology, skills, and job. Every employer must decide whether to fix it permanently or keep up with it occasionally.

Although work experiences count too there is always an advantage of using skills pay to solve short term compensation practice. Wondering what these skills are? See some on the list below; They’re averaging cash premiums equivalent to 15% to 19% of base salary typically paid out each pay period as a cash bonus in addition to salary!

Top Highest Paying Tech Skills With No Certifications Required

  • Business performance management (software/systems)
     Penetration testing
     Program Management
     Security skills (DW/BI, ERP, Web, project
     Zachman Framework
     Data Management
     Data Modelling
     IT Governance
     Cloudera Impala
     Continuous Integration
     Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics –
     Predictive Analytics and Modeling
     Risk assessment/analysis
     Risk management
     Infrastructure architecture
     Machine Learning
  • Data Architecture
  • COBIT –
     Security architecture and models
     Complex Event Processing/Event Correlation
  • Data Governance
     Prescriptive Analytics
     TOGAF (Enterprise Architecture)

Skills pay can also be used as an inducement in recruiting a prospective employee via internal transfer, or as the basis for a sign-on bonus for securing external candidates on the open market. It can be used as a de facto retention bonus.

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Some other skills you might want to consider learning outside the top highest paying tech skills with no certifications required this year includes Microstrategy which is worth over $120,184, Groovy — $120,484, Redis, HBase, Informix amongst several others.

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