The Beginning of My Android Adventure: A Developer’s Tale.

Said Shatila
3 min readJun 11, 2023

(Part I)

“Every journey begins with a single step or the first flight of a drone. My early days in the tech industry took innovation to new heights. #AndroidDev #CareerJourney”

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share my journey, both personal and professional, focusing on how everything began.

It all started in my third semester at university. I found myself studying under a senior Android Developer, now a mentor for my career. He introduced me to Kotlin, suggesting it would benefit my future. At first, I was hesitant. My attention was more towards the university courses, and I couldn’t comprehend the long-term value of his advice, I admittedly disregarded the suggestion.

Fast forward to my fifth semester when I embarked on my first internship. I was a full-stack engineer, building apps initially with Java and then transitioning to Kotlin. I also worked on the backend side, creating services and managing RESTful APIs. This experience, despite being unpaid, proved immensely enriching.

The journey was incredibly enriching, some close friends of mine, where telling me to quit the Internship because it was unpaid, I said no on the other hand, I told them that it will help me on the long run, They weren’t convinced until they saw where I am know, at my current stage in my life.

Everything you do in a life has a return back either on the short/long term, it depends on what your learning or consuming, it also depends on how much time you dedicate to this skill, or knowledge.

We have shifted a little bit any way's let’s get back to the topic, after a rewarding five-month stint as a full-time intern, I managed to glean valuable insights and developed an impressive skill set. Managing my time efficiently between studying for exams, maintaining fitness at the gym, and handling work-related pressure was no easy feat.

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What I learned at my first Internship :

During my initial internship, I gleaned invaluable insights that extended beyond coding. Here’s what I discovered:

1. **Mastering Communication:** The critical soft skill I honed was effective communication. Understanding how to convey complex ideas simply and clearly proved vital in collaborative environments.

2. **Adapting and Observing:** I learned the importance of adaptation, gleaning insights from colleagues, and soaking up wisdom through observation and active listening. This helped me acclimate faster and work more efficiently.

3. **Multilingual Proficiency:** Navigating through multiple language frameworks simultaneously was a challenge. But, it taught me agility in learning and applying diverse coding languages, enhancing my versatility as a developer.

4. **Thriving Under Pressure:** The pressure-packed environment taught me resilience. I learned to maintain my composure, delivering high-quality results within stringent timelines, a skill that continues to be invaluable throughout my career.

Wrapping it up, I want say that, no matter how much your knowledge is huge, keep on learning, because you will always consume something new .

Said Shatila

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Said Shatila

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