The “DAY”!

Convent educated since a kid, a hard-core resident of Kolkata (the city of Mother Teresa) and the school’s motto was pray and work! So the only thing I wanted to do was help people in my life and everyone I possibly can. And the best career option for me was becoming a Doctor. Everything was set and I did fairly well in my second shot and I got into dental in Bangalore in one of the best colleges in the city!

Seems perfect? It was the most unrewarding moment of my life! I was in a wonderful city, a beautiful dental college, made amazing friends, but I still wasn't happy! I just felt incomplete.

I wanted to become a Pediatrician just like my favorite Doctor! Dr. Arun Singh! The ONLY man who treated my sister when every other doctor botched!

10th September-

Well it was an indolent afternoon, and I returned to my hostel room after an awful day at college! It was just a week since college started. And I also got scolded by the Prosthodontics department for using my phone in class! What else was I supposed to do? They were not teaching and they asked the students to write an essay about themselves. What were we? 7 year olds? Moreover I just checked the time as I was not wearing a watch.

As I had nothing to do and my roommate had not yet returned. I decided to do something I always do when I am troubled — SLEEP!

At around 6 o’clock I woke up as I got a call from my Uncle from Kolkata and his exact words were “Congratulations! You got medical that too in Kolkata!” For a second I thought I was in a dream. I rubbed my eyes and jumped out of the bed! And I was like “What?” My uncle repeated himself again a bit more sternly this time! Amidst all this scolding from my teachers I totally forgot my WBJEE results were out today! And I got into a pretty respectable college, moreover it was the college I wanted to get into!

And you must be thinking that like every other Indian parent, my parents too would have happily let me leave dental and join medical? Hell NO! Well the drama begins now!

I had to collect my original pass certificates and all official stuff from my present college in Bangalore and take these to Kolkata for my document verification. But if I take these documents from my college and there is some problem in document verification, I will be left college-less!

So everything was on me now! I had to go talk to the college administration, get my documents, go to Kolkata, get it verified and get into a medical college! Was that all? No!

I had to do the most difficult thing ever! Convince my FAMILY that I want to do medical not dental and leave Bangalore and come back to Kolkata!

Three hours! It took me three hours on the phone! I was on the phone for three whole hours without a break with my Uncle from the States, and my elder sister deciding what to do and how to do! And there were occasional calls from my mother, Aunt and my friend’s father who also was a doctor.

The conversation was by far the most significant, meaningful and tiresome conversation I have ever had. It included things like are you sure? Are you ready to dedicate your life to this career? Are you ready to slog through Post-grad? Are you sure you want to leave Bangalore and go back to Kolkata again? Don’t you already like this place a lot? Do you have any idea how difficult will it be? And a lot more profound talk!

Well only my States Uncle, my Aunt and my Mom were in support of me! Everybody was dead against the fact that I would leave Bangalore and come back to Kolkata! But I won over everyone!

I persuaded them all! Collected my documents, bid my friends good-bye, took a flight and came back to the “City of Joy”. I did not do this all alone! I had my guardians to help me EVERYWHERE! Bangalore, Kolkata, everywhere!

And so here I am! Doing the thing I always wanted to do! And I couldn't thank God more for it, as I enjoy every single day! And I am not at all miffed about how much pressure I have to deal with every day! And my family like always hasn't supported me any less, they have always been and will be there for me!

I am sure the day I graduate, my entire family will graduate along with me!

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