Business development isn’t for all.

Business development is about developing opportunities to grow a business. Opportunities are typically found in the context of new partnerships, and discovering and tapping new markets. Foremost, a business developer need to have knowledge about the industry they work in. Having an overview of the industry dynamic, the tendencies, and be up to date with the players who shape the industry are all variables that will help you get a strategic overview.

A Business Development Manager must master project implementation and sales. Implementing a company’s strategy, creating new business relationships and strengthening new ones and exploring new market segments, is part of the daily workflow. A business developer gathers necessary resources to do so and to cultivate his network.

Business development is for those who have a genuine passion for people. In order to succeed, even though it’s a skill you can learn, you need to enjoy interacting and persuading people.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lombardi”.

Business development is about going the extra mile. If you interact with a client, you want to build a long- term relationship rather than make a quick and easy sale. In this track, we will provide book and online course references, and pair them with objectives so you’ll improve your chances to get hired.

It’s all about, learning everyday and communicating with great comfort.It’s been a month as Bdm I’ve figured out some techniques, dealing with six sectors from Healthcare, paramedical, automotive, aviation and Hospitality background that the most easiest way of building a healthy business relationship is being transparent, I know what it takes to generate client it’s all about keeping it simple and easy and transparency is the key.

Within a short span, I have generated over 20 clients with a tender of 2 crores with pure pace and ease, it’s hardwork yet smooth.

Coordination, follow ups are some tips that a bdm should always have, and have casual talks whenever, we are not dealing with any professional meetings. The most important thing is etiquettes, as a BDM I’ll suggest you never to cut off your clients when they are talking, with you.

Secondly, always keep your cellphones off so that whenever it rings it act as flout for the other party. Hence it’s essential, to be simple and naive when you are presenting and respect the other party.

Thirdly, be well dressed that doesn’t means you have to wear Raymond or Peter England but well dressed that are simple and looks neat.

Grooming, pays a pivotal role and hence they say face value sales.

I have met some clients, which were impossible to tie up like Taj and currie hospital but ended up as a partner on a broader concept just because of the gentle talks, and transparency.

I’m highly inspired by Larry wingets cowboy, who from a sales man became an Owner of billion dollar company.

The next step after BDM is of becoming, a CEO or Business head but it requires skills and potential hard work, so if you have any plans to enter this field keep yourself patient and updated with current matters. And MBA degree is mandatory and you could start up as a BDe and will take two-three years to become a BDM.