“In the eternal battle of Man vs. Sugar, Man took a glorious victory”

“I don’t sugar coat shit. I am not Willy Wonka.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I must admit, was one of my favorite movies. The way chocolate was made, the sugar sprinkled on them, and the way the syrup flowed all over the place like a river stream. Chocolates everywhere, sweet everywhere & sugar everywhere. Sugar Sugar and lots of Sugar.

The past three generations (and the current one) of the entire Sayed clan that I belong to, loves sugar. and not just a sweet tooth. A sweet set of 32 teeth which, happily grind the best of desserts and provide an instant glow to their faces. So, all parties had sweets in the end. The ladies would compete with each other in making the sweetest of dishes, the heaviest of pies and the one who would send the rest for an instant glucose-high-roller coaster-ride, would clearly emerge as the winner of all the parties held across the year. Forget the parties… every morning 2 spoons of sugar would gracefully flow from the silver spoon into the tea cup. Afternoon buttermilk would boast of a sweet blend that would give a peaceful (read drowsy) afternoon nap. And then the evening tea and the midnight dessert. Oh yes, how did I forget. Occasional gulping of ‘sugar-free’ biscuits, half a glass of ‘diet’ cola and some cold coffee, strong and bitter (read strong & bitter-sweet).

There is sugar everywhere in everyone’s diet. So, that’s when all our Sayed genes got together for a fancy meeting and discussed core issues related to genetics. They were reviewing their behavior, how they must adapt and how they must help in producing babies and decide their gender. In this meeting, (yes this very ugly meeting) they all decided to turn sweet and incorporate sweetness in their genes… ‘for good’. Which is the very reason for all of us to start eating more and more sugary stuff. And when a diet conscious person asks the reason as to why we eat so much of sugar, one of our members sweetly answers, “No we are not depressed or stressed. We exercise also. Its actually not our fault. Its IN OUR GENES”

Wow! What an answer to a healthy question!

Little did these dumb genes think about the future consequences. They thought exactly like Indian Politicians. Perform and decide stuff without thinking about the future of this country. So, what was the future of the Sayed clan?

Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Diseases & Stroke.

My grandfather was a diabetic. He passed away 23 years back with a heart attack and hypertension. My dad is a diabetic, has elevated blood pressure and a heart disease, for which he underwent a cardiac by pass surgery in 2001 and an angioplasty with a stent a couple of weeks ago. As for my mom, she underwent an angioplasty too, with a stent 2 years ago. Since we all stay together, I know what each one of them went through these years. I have seen their heart ache. And no, this is not the lovey dovey pain of a separation or a heart break. This is a heart attack. Severe, sharp, lacerating crushing kind of feeling that goes from your shoulder to your neck & all over the chest. That feeling when a huge rock is placed on your upper body (which is crushing you) along with a live wire that is placed between that rock and your chest. And I have seen one of my parents wriggling on the bed at 4 am with an attack. Its unbearable. Its not a sight that you would like to watch, forget experiencing. I have seen them. On one occasion, I have given CPR to revive my dad, and the other time, I rushed him to the hospital for an immediate angioplasty. Both my parents had 3 surgeries between them and 98%, 95% and 92% artery blockages.

Wiki says Sugar is any of the class of soluble, crystalline, typically sweet-tasting carbohydrates found in living tissues and exemplified by glucose and sucrose.

What amazes me is that this tiny crystalline carb can actually cease your breath. This tiny crystalline shit has the power to one day deprive your heart of its blood supply. This tiny crystalline stuff smartly works in groups (remember the smooth flow from a silver spoon into the tea cup?!) and creates ruckus inside us.

A developing company or any organization or even a country, must learn the team effort by these sugary crystals. They have made such a brand identity that a human, the most evolved animal of today, is helpless without them. These crystals know that, in order to succeed, not one, not two, but at least a hundred need to come together to give a sweet taste to the foolish human. Then, they enter the blood stream and with the same team effort, go into the narrowest stricture of blood vessels and make that place their final resting place. And they have realized that success is not overnight. So, they work day in and day out by forming a huge colony of plaque (the medical term for clot in blood arteries) and eventually, are capable of making that very same host, get down on his/her knees and wriggle with unbearable pain.

Since when did we humans, the most evolved creatures, give a simple crystalline substance so much power that it can eventually destroy us? Are we completely unaware of their strength, their power, their ability and their perseverance in taking our lives? Today, there are newspaper articles, blogs, social media, gyms, yoga centers & nutritionists that keep reminding us about ill effects of sugar. But we still do it. Consciously or subconsciously. We will read about politics, read about Hollywood & we continue to love reading about fashion. But we will turn a blind eye & a deaf ear to something as simple as sugar and its ill effects.

I had a sweet tooth too. In fact I still do. But very rarely do I indulge in sugary stuff. The day my dad had the recent heart attack was the day I totally gave up sugar. And since that day, I have lost 5 kgs. I am not boasting. My blood vessels are blessing me at this moment. They no longer have to harbor shit. And I won’t take any more of this shit. If such tiny crystalline stuff can work together against me, I can get my brain cells together and develop a simple mental power to act against this.

I have taken this path and will try to stick to it as long as possible. I feel fitter, happier and more energetic now. I keep reading articles on healthcare, nutrition & fitness. My family is wondering what is wrong with me. But the change has to start. My wife is already with me in this journey. Our kids will follow the same, thanks to our senses. And their kids will do the same.

Till one day, at another fancy meeting, all the genes will discuss core issues and then decide to remove that sweetness incorporated in them. Because keeping that character in them is of no use. This new Sayed clan will not take it anymore. They have decided to fight sugar.

And that is when I will proudly say, “In the eternal battle of Man vs. Sugar, Man took a glorious victory”

Be the change you want to see in your clan.

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