What I Saw After My Death

It was clear summer dusk. I was going somewhere on my motorbike. I was driving slowly enjoying the music pouring into my ears through a headset connected with my mobile phone. Suddenly a car appeared on the road coming from a street joining the road. It was at once on my way just covering the whole breadth of the road leaving no space to pass it untouched. I lost my wit and let myself struck against the car. I had already closed my eyes. I just remembered that I was going to collide by a car. I was not sure that I would have died after this accident.

I felt someone holding me strongly. I had not opened my eyes yet. I could feel someone holding me and lifting my body softly. I can remember that I was feeling that I had become semi-conscious and the people who might have seen all the process would have rushed to rescue me. Then I opened my eyes and saw my body laid still by the car. The people were feeling my pulse and some were shaking and patting my cheeks. They wanted to make sure if I was alive. But I was standing near them watching all the activity with my eyes. “What is this?” I asked myself. “I can remember hitting against the car but if I am here, safe and sound, then who is that lying still drenched with blood?” I was asking myself. Then I looked around and realized that two angels were holding me from each of my arm. They asked me to come with them to the heaven. I heard someone saying, “He is dead. No need to call 1122.” I began to cry after I was sure that I had died.

The angels waited no more and they took me to the sky. As I was rising up to the sky, I was crying watching my lifeless body lying on the road. I was thinking about my parents and siblings who would not stand my sudden death. I could not imagine how they would bear the news of my death. “Mother will not stand this stroke of grief. She will die with heart attack. The father, who has not wept bitterly in life, would not be able to hold his cries.” I was thinking and crying. My mind and heart was still not accepting all what had happened although I had seen the entire scene with my eyes. Knowing that it was useless to cry as the life once ended cannot be granted again, I diverted my attention to the angels taking my soul to the heaven. They were lifting me up to the infinite sky. Both of them looked calm and were holding me from my arms, one from the left and the other from the right. I was hanging in between their leans. “Hello, it has been a tragic incidence for my parents. They would not stand it. What do you say?” I asked them. I don’t know why I was asking this to the angels as I knew they were just performing their duty and perhaps they were not interested in this type of talk with a soul. They didn’t respond; they even didn’t look back at me.

I was now curious about my future life. I could remember that I had been a bad human being on the Earth. I had not offered my prayers regularly. I had deceived humans many times just for material things. I had a sinful life and I was unable to remember any good deed that could please Allah Almighty. I was drenched in the hotness of the fear of Hell. I began to sob. My tears were not stopping. I was too helpless now to do anything. I began to feel myself breaking apart. Then an angel turned his head back to me. He looked at my face and then at of his companion. They both looked each other and they stopped. I asked them to stop for a while for me to take rest. “Why are you crying?” one of them asked. “Please tell me if I am going to be thrown in the Hell or I am a Jannati (a person who is made entered in Jannat)?” I asked them unintentionally. They looked at each other with strange expression which I could not understand on their faces. “You are a noble soul, so Allah has commanded us to take you to Jannat.” One of them said softly smiling. I did not believe what I had heard. I asked once again just to make sure that I was going to be allowed in Jannat. They confirmed that I was a Jannati. I began to smile and asked them why God had not punished me for my sins and how could I deserve jannat if I had not done well during my life. They told me that some ordinary good deeds which I had considered of no worth had pleased Allah and He had forgiven me just due to those deeds of Virtue.

I asked them what those deeds were. “You once wanted to buy new dress for your college party. You had saved 2200 Rupees little by little. It was your dream to buy new dress for the party and you were much excited on that day when you were planning to go out for shopping with your friend. You know Mr. Akram, who was the poorest boy in your class, your good friend, had made leave his hostel because he had been unable to pay his hostel dues. He was leaving the hostel with heavy heart. He was packing his luggage when you went to his room to take him to market with you. It was then when you came to know about his trouble. You not only gave him your money but you also borrowed some money from your friends for him. His dues were paid and you never knew how deeply he prayed for you to God. You sacrificed your desires for a poor boy, the creature of God, and even you decided not to ask for your money to Akram because you knew that he would not easily be able to return it. That act of kindness won the grace of God for you. Allah was pleased with you.” One of them explained.

I was surprised to hear that. I had forgot that event years before. I felt proud of myself. “What are my other acts which pleased God enough to let me go to the Jannat?” I asked them. I wanted to know more. My curiosity had aroused and I wanted to learn about my noble deeds on the Earth.

“You know when you were travelling to your ant in a public bus. You had been standing for 50 minutes as all seats were occupied. You had tired. Then you got a seat when a man on a nearby seat got off. You took a breath of relief. The bus didn’t moved yet when an old man boarded and you saw him standing. You felt that the old man was not feeling comfortable while standing. You got up and offered him your seat. And you have to keep yourself standing for another half hour. That old man was seriously ill. He could not stand for long. He really needed a seat. Although you needed it hard yet you sacrificed it for others whom you felt needier. This act showed that you care for mankind. You served the humanity. You had been a source of relief and comfort to others. God was pleased at this act of yours.” He explained.

“Wow! But I had completely forgot about all this type of acts” I exclaimed. I was even more surprised. I could not imagine the importance of such small acts in the eyes of God. I could remember ignoring the several occasions of serving the humanity thinking them useless. I was sorry for not having other such opportunities benefited.

“And can you please tell me some other noble deeds that I have done in my life on the Earth?” I asked again. “There are several similar instances like this. But we are not bound to tell you all.” They said holding me from my arms and taking me up and up. Being carried to the Heaven, I was feeling nice and was thinking about many others on the Earth who are unaware of the importance of small acts of kindness; who do not bother to wipe the tears of crying; who just think of themselves; who may not benefit this type of tools for winning Jannat for themselves. The small ball of Earth now had gone out of sight. I did not know how much journey was still to be covered to reach my destiny.

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