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From Bradenton, Florida, Sai Gadam is an Associate Surety Underwriter for a commercial insurance company. Sai joined the Surety Department in September of 2019 and is also working towards obtaining Associate in Fidelity Surety Bonding (AFSB) designation. Sai enjoys dealing with the customers and providing the surety protection they need for their construction jobs. Sai is very much a people person as well as enjoys the financial aspects of business, so his current position is a great fit for him.

Initially, Sai had moved from department to department within commercial insurance to learn more the business and his career options, beginning first as an intern and then getting hired on as an auditor. …

Every company aims to achieve customer loyalty. Most business owners will tell you that acquiring customers can be difficult but keeping them around is even harder. According to several sources, the single greatest reason customers stop purchasing from companies is because they feel undervalued. …

While the novel coronavirus continues to impact all industries, it has posed special challenges for global insurers. The pandemic has caused panic around the world, triggering an influx of general inquiries and insurance claims across multiple segments. …


Sai Gadam

Underwriter in Insurance | Currently from Bradenton, Florida

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