Wordmark Logo Design Inspiration

We have handpicked these wordmark logo designs to showcase how the clever use of typography and characters can result in some really creative logos.

Logo is a one of the most striking and visual aspects of any business and when you think about the different types of logos there are 4 main types Icon/Symbol Logos, WordMark Logos, LetterMark Logos and then there is the combined of those.

A wordmark is a text-only typographic representation of a logo which involve the creative arrangement and modification of words to present a visual identity for a brand that will hopefully leave a lasting impression. The representation of the word becomes a visual symbol of the organization or product. These text-based logos have an advantage of spelling out the brand which could be easily interpreted by anyone looking at it and is probably one of the most difficult form of logo to create, as it exclusively relies on the words to represent an entire brand.

When you think about famous wordmark logos CNN would be a great example, Google, FedEx are other notable examples. Today we are going to focus on Wordmark Logo Designs, some of them can also be classified as combination mark logos.

Who needs graphics when you can use type to create an truly inspiring logo

This showcase highlights how the clever use of typography and characters can result in some really creative logos. We have handpicked some wordmark logo designs that will hopefully inspire you guys. We know how hard it can be to design a great logo.

Hopefully these innovative play of letters and words in these creative wordmark logo designs will give you the inspiration you are looking for for you next logo design. Please feel free to share with us your wordmark logos or any other creative designs you have seen on the interwebs.

Daily Bikers
Tiger Nuts
MNML wordmark logo
Round 5 Wordmark Logo
Bison Wordmark Logo
Bow Wordmark Logo
Oops Wordmark Logo
Panda Wordmark Logo
639 Wordmark Logo
Families Wordmark Logo
Student Knows Wordmark Logo
Nosey Wordmark Logo
Swings Wordmark Logo
5locks Wordmark Logo
africa iq Wordmark Logo
stand wordmark logo
Cycle Wordmark Logo
ismi wordmark logo
dog paw wordmark logo
boot wordmark logo
shift wordmark logo
talkmore wordmark logo
mummy wordmark logo
I hate you wordmark logo
wine wordmark logo
24–7 pizza wordmark logo
dog film wordmark logo
doctor wordmark logo

I hope you guys find these useful and stay tuned for more logo inspiration.