I’ve known Beth since I was in junior kindergarten but I didn’t really get to know her until first year at Mac. Weaving in and out of each other’s lives, I’m glad to call her a friend now. Didn’t get to see each other much this summer besides at church so I’m glad we got to meet up and explore a bit of downtown together.

Really happy with how I edited these photos, also Beth has a lovely smile.
Richmond 401 was a wood and brick building in the heart of downtown Toronto filled with beautiful office spaces, art installations in the hallways, wood and glass bridges, and it even had it’s own courtyard.
This is my favourite photo from this trip. Taken in the women’s washroom.
We walked to and around harbourfront, stopping at a coffee shop called Quantum. We both bought $10 little bottles of juice expecting it to be amazing. It was a waste of money plus the store didn’t have strong wifi. On the bright side, the store itself was beautiful.
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