First Race Lessons

Varun, Aravindh and me (Saikrishnan)

It was a good first race and here are the stats

Actual Distance 10.57k
Time 59:37

That’s not the whole picture though, it was quite a challenging route! There was a lot of elevation which was quite unforgiving.

Some important lessons learnt today:
Don’t drink 100plus (sports drinks) at the water points, you don’t need it (atleast for a 10k), it just gives you stitches. Drink water instead, keeps you hydrated and stitch free.

Don’t thump too much on the down hill, pace yourself and avoid the shocks or you will end up with a numb foot.

Get there early and let the organisers know your pace so you can run with the right group, its always a better running experience with people your own pace.

Overall a good first race! A whole lot of learning to use for my next few.

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