This blog post is a prediction of how Search engines might transform into Push Engines in the near future. This article discusses on the below questions.

  1. What is Search Engine?
  2. What is wrong with the present?
  3. How is it going to change in the future?
  4. What does “Push Engine” do?

What is Search Engine?

Google Search is similar to the index of a library, which lists all the books the library contains. Instead of books google lists all the websites. It detects new and updated pages and updates the google search. — Taken from Google

To explain in brief, Google does the following steps:

  1. Understands the users query.
  2. Matches the Keywords with their index of websites.
  3. Shows the websites based on the page ranking algorithm.

Google does a lot more than the above mentioned 3 steps. The above steps are mentioned just to give a brief introduction.

What is wrong with this? The whole world is using Search engine.

There is nothing wrong with this approach but it has many limitations. Search engine should be compatible for the future and also for all the devices. 21st century has seen advent of new technologies and the world has come out of the desktop computers and laptops into smart phones, tablets, smart watches, VR, AR etc. A search engine is necessary in all of these devices. Any device in 21st century should have the independence to search the internet, download data, compare data, rather than being limited by a set of applications and devices. Applications serve a very specific purpose whereas a search engine is open to any kind of query and is ready with some kind of information.

The search engine is based upon one major pillar which is Data and other pillars like NLP, indexing etc. Search engine follows its adaption into the future after the data has adapted itself for the future. Data Revolution is coming and it is in the present. Companies are updating their data with more reasoning and deeper knowledge graphs.

Data in the future will take a different form. Data will flow where the query arises. To elaborate in a philosophical sense, a search query is put up on a wall similar to the walls in colleges where notices are posted. This is the best way of passing the information and the easiest. The wall poster is visible to all the students and the students who should be concerned by a particular post identify themselves without someone informing them. Similar to this, data should know where to go rather than by being picked up by a search engine. A company who is deeply involved in particular customer services knows the proper response for a question rather than a search engine which just recommends the websites.

How is it going to change in the future?

At present a search engine cannot understand the context of the user. Future entails a whole different picture than the present. Push engine is based upon the context in which the push engine pushes the relevant data to the user and the user can go through the data.

Passing of information in this way could possibly save a lot of time for the users which is wasted in searching of data and finding the compatibility types for viewing of information etc. For example, a user is highly unlikely to type when he/she is wearing a headset whether AR or VR. Push Engine ensures that information is selected, processed and presented based on the habits of how the users wants/likes their data based on the history, context, and other relevant data of the user like schedulers, interests, Social media activity etc.

The major breakaway to the new data revolution is in the identification of data. Data should have certain kind of tags along with it to get recognized. Data has certain kind of identifiers which lets it to get recognized by certain type of queries.Machines are ready to take decisions, but can the data ensure that? Even a person takes a whole lot time to compare the results if they are written in words. But what if the results are presented in the form of statistics and graphs? It empowers the user to take quick decisions and empowers machines to make quick comparisons, to make proper suggestions with necessary reasoning.

In case of google, the query of the customer is not visible to the website owners. The google understands the query and supplies the relevant pages which contains those keywords. Of course there are many algorithms which make these happen in a better way. If the search engine has the whole set of results, then why can’t it simply compare the values and show them as graph or some pie chart or suggest a particular option based on multiple parameters like local reviews , previous purchases, certain international standards etc. A search engine cannot, because the data is not in a form which can be compared or analyzed.

What does Push Engine do?

Push engine is the future where the searches of users are completely open to the network based on the user permissions. Websites respond to the particular question rather than through pushing the website URLs. This helps in free flow of information wherein the same set of data can also be used for the IOT devices.

A website is a cluster of information which provides multiple number of services and information. But the user may not be interested in all of the information and services available on the website. There can be suggestions made based on the history of the user, context etc. and make required suggestions on his/her feed.

“Search Engine has paved the path for the PUSH Engine. Push Engine eliminates the data search. Push Engine introduces the data selection. Push Engine can be integrated into all the devices and has cross platform compatibility.

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