Work, passion and student jobs

Or just my concerns about it.

While time is so important at the university you’ll need to spend it right. And I’m saying it because if you spend your time properly during your education years then after graduating you will end up with what you want.

Of course, at first — you have to know what you want.

I believe the best way to do it is to know what you want out of life entirely. What type of lifestyle you want to have. Which city you want to live, rest. How big a family do you want to have? A business? Else.

So the first step in your education is to know yourself. I mean your weaknesses and desires. And what in this world will better help you to realize and implement them. I believe people spend so much time figuring this out.

What describes you the most?

This why at a university you have to be opened to do new things. Even if they seem not interesting and boring at all. They will help you to understand what you want and don’t want.

It’s easy during your study years unless you have a family to pay for or mortgage or other obligations that make your life.

And never drop a project that you don’t like. Because you also can understand what you want by doing what you surely don’t. Because you will always think about your stuff dreaming to switch to it.

And if you are luckily found a job that you are willing to do and get paid for so that people could rely on you, time to go for it.

The second step in this education ladder is to know your field. Prepare for the job. Read a proper book, participate in some volunteering projects so that people know that you are serious about your job.

Don’t forget to make a plan where you want to get with all this, because any volunteering project or your experiments trying to find yourself both is a huge distraction.

And next education —is market.

Empty train

Who wants to hire you? How many jobs in your area? How many internships? Can you apply for them as a student?

It’s possible that you need some experience in the industry to get your job. Then you’ll need a more complex plan where you could get your dream job after working in a different position.

Applying for a job is a hard lesson that deserves a new article.

Next. You got your job. And you still in a university.

The biggest problem is to find a part-time job or get along with your university administration.

My university swimming pool

The truth is that it will be hard. But it’s possible. Especially if you need money or experience as quick as possible.

I will try to get more on it in my next articles by analyzing my friends experiences.